Tooway Broadband Specialist installation.

Tooway Broadband Specialist installation.
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The Tooway satellite dish needs a view of the sky at a compass bearing of 171 degrees, this is 9 degrees East of South, or on a compass rose, very close to 'South by East', meaning the usual installation position is on a south facing wall, or an east facing wall. Sometimes though, maybe for asthetic reasons, or due to trees or other obstructions, it may not be possible to fix the dish to any walls of the property. We can work around this, by installing the dish on a flat roof, in the garden, we have fitted dishes in fields, and tucked away in corners out of sight. Due to extra equipment and time invloved with this type of installation, it is classed as 'Non standard'

Professional Installation by our Tooway trained Installer. Price includes one of two types of installation. The first is Heavy Duty bracketry for mounting your satellite dish either on a flat roof, or other suitable flat location, height is not important, as long as line of sight to the satellite is not obsctruted. Balast to add weight to the flat mount is included in the price, and will consist of concrete slabs, concrete blocks, sandbags, or a combination, depending on the installation requirements. The second option involved digging footings for concreting a pole securely in place to mount the dish on, setting the pole, allowing time for concrete to set, and an additional visit to then install the equipment. This Professional Installation option is suitable for the Tooway Broadband Satellite Internet service. If you have ordered direct, bought elsewhere or maybe moved house, you are still welcome to make use of this option.

If you are unsure of mounting locations, or have any specific installation requests, please see our 'Site survey' option.


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