Technomate software online.

Unofficial third party software for all models of technomate receiver. Also includes support guides and tutorials.

Official website for Technomate receivers. Download official firmware and updates.


Digitalworldz technical forum.

Message board based community whos members discuss all aspects of the latest technologies.


Technomate support forum.

Message board based community support forum run by Technomate hobbyists.


Humax digital.

Official website for Humax receivers. Download official updates and guides.

Official website of the UK's #1 satellite television subscription service providor. Browse an online TV Guide, adjust your account settings, set your receiver to record, and much more. The Skys the limit.



Official website of the UK's free HD satellite service. Browse an online TV guide, get online support and check out the latest equipment.


Eurosky receivers

At Eurosky, we constantly get email requests from people asking for user manuals for Eurosky branded receivers. While Eurosky branded receivers are a Conrad Electronic product, we decided to find, download and make available every Eurosky receiver manual available.

Am Eurosky, wir bekommen ständig E-Mail-Anfragen von Menschen fordern Benutzerhandbücher für Eurosky branded-Empfängern. Während Eurosky branded Empfänger ein Produkt Conrad Electronic sind, entschlossen wir uns zu finden, herunterzuladen und zur Verfügung stellen jeden Eurosky Empfänger Manual.

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